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We Coloradans love to be healthy.  We love the great outdoors, eating all-natural, and getting that heart rate up.  At Flaunt Salon in Denver, we want to help you meet your goals to look good and feel good.  In fact, this month we are offering a special on our essential facial—only $90 for a 1.5 hour facial.  It’s a great way to unplug from the holiday business and detox your skin for a change.  Through December 20th, you can bring in a canned good or nonperishable item for $5 off your service.  Our specials are the best in downtown Denver!

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We don’t want you to lose your motivation to stay healthy and look good this holiday.  This is the second in a two-part series on nutrition to help keep that belly slim and trim during this season.  Part 1 gave you a list of foods to reach for when you’re hungry.  Today, we’re giving you the 411 on what to avoid.  Now, maybe you don’t want to totally cut out sweets, but just be mindful of your choices.  It pays off in the end!

8 Foods on Your Naughty List

  1. Refined grains. Avoid white rice, white pasta, white bread. . .you get the idea.
  2. Foods high in trans fat—primarily commercially fried foods and highly processed snack foods.
  3. Foods high in saturated fat. This is a tough one. Cut down on full-fat dairy, cheese, and butter.
  4. Sugary foods. Yep, you knew this one was coming.
  5. Foods high in salt. Excess sodium can create a pudgy belly.
  6. Creamy, rich foods. Eggnog, anyone?
  7. Sugary drinks. Soda is just empty calories.
  8. Peanuts.  Almost any other nut is a better option.

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Skip the Eggnog and Go for a Facial!

Avoid food guilt and opt for a facial or blow-out session instead!  Flaunt Salon Denver is located in the heart of downtown Denver, keeping Denverites cool and funky with the latest hair trendswaxingnail services, and more.  If you’re in a hurry before an important meeting or an outing with friends, stop by our glam and go bar for a quick fix-up.  Need some unique gift ideas this season?  We have gift certificates for facials, the blowout bar, and a mini glamour package.

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