When to drastically cut your hair

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Drastically cutting your hair is something that happens very seldom, if not ever. Some people have a hard time letting go off of their hair or making a change in their appearance. Let alone cutting it real short. We recommend though, regularly trimming your hair, as it is a healthy habit that will keep your hair shiny and free of split ends.

Let’s take a look at some occasions in which you could make a bold move and cut the whole thing off!

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  • When hair is extremely damaged: Harsh chemical treatments, regular hair color changes and constantly blow drying your hair, along with the over-use of heat tools will damage your hair. It also depends where you get your hair done, as it is also well-known that incorrectly applied treatments can severely hurt your hair. If you’ve been a victim of this, or you have over-done it, the solution might be to chop off as much of the damaged hair as possible.
  • To donate it: In order to make one wig for children with cancer or other patients suffering of absolute hair loss, wig makers need from 4 to 6 ponytails. The minimum length to donate is 10 inches. There are many organizations that would accept your hair gladly, just make sure it’s a real one. There’s nothing more satisfying than doing something for somebody else, even better, for a stranger!
  • For a change of look: If you have always had your hair the same length, for years now, a change wouldn’t hurt and would bring you only positive things. For starters, people will notice your hair. You will have a different routine to do your hair and more options for different hair styles. It depends on how short you go, but bobs are always trending, along with uneven bangs and other unique short hair cuts. Dare to be different!healthy hair care Denver

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