Tricks to make your hair grow faster

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Most women always want their hair longer, or at least to know how to make it grow faster! Hair grows, on average, about a half an inch per month. But this varies according to your general state of health and genetic factors.

long healthy heairLet’s face it, who wouldn’t want to know the ultimate magic trick to make it grow fast? Well, there is not one but several tips that can be tried so that your mane grows longer. It’s best if you try combining all these to excel your hair’s growth.

  1. Use hair masks and massage your scalp. You can try home-made masks, warm oil preparations or buy already made masks and products. The idea is that you rub your scalp with the mask in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes to stimulate blood circulation. Brushing 1 -2 minutes every day also helps.
  2. Healthy eating habits. Your diet should include vitamin rich elements such as fruits and vegetables, iron-containing foods and plenty of water. Stay away from fried food, sugar and junk food. Prefer grilled, broiled or baked food.
  3. Stop putting your hair and yourself under so much stress. if you want your hair to grow faster, leave the iron and harsh chemical treatments aside for a while. Also, avoid stress in your life as it’s closely related to your hair’s state of health and hair loss.
  4. Handle your hair delicately. Using ties and clips always on the same place can cause the hair to break. Don’t sleep with a tight ponytail or braid, and these can also cause breakage. Wet hair is more fragile so make sure to dry it gently with a towel and avoid rough brushing.

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