Tips for great Spring hair in Denver

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Winter weather can be harsh on hair. Heat and radiation not only seep into the atmosphere during summer, it does the same in winter. Also, winter’s cold weather and dry air end up damaging your hair the same as in summer. Follow some easy spring tips to get your hair back on its feet and continue shining all throughout the year!


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  1. Snip snip. Your hair is now going through a transition as spring sets in. The cold dry winter weather has surely done some damage, mostly to tips. Hit the salon for a light trim, to cut off those split ends and hurt tips.
  2. Do not shampoo daily. This one applies year round. Daily shampooing is a strong no no. Your natural oils will wash away and the constant rubbing can slowly damage your hair cuticles.
  3. But don’t forget to moisturize! It’s important to keep your hair hydrated so it grows strong and looks healthy. A good conditioner can help drastically with spring and summer frizz. An anti-frizz is also recommended to manage frizz.
  4. Fight the winds. Strong winds will mess your hair around and cause major flyaways. These can also cause a static look and damage more split ends. Use accessories like headbands and clips or braid your hair to keep it in place.


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