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You’ve finally grown out your hair.  It’s taken years since that day you chopped it all off on a whim, only to regret the minute you got in your car and looked in your rear view mirror.  Thankfully, we’ve put that traumatic hair memory behind us.  But now that you have these long luscious locks, you’re feeling an urge to cut again.  Oh no.  You’ve tried to fight it, but you keep seeing cute girls everywhere with medium length or short hair.  Our experienced stylists at Flaunt Salon are experts in making you look good.  If you’re looking for a change, but you aren’t sure where to start, schedule a consultation today!

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3 Things to Remember Before a Big Hair Change

  1. You can always cut more hair off. However, once you’ve cut it, it doesn’t grow back in an instant.  But you already know that.  The point is, make a small change.  Give it a few weeks and see how you feel.  If you’re still wanting more length off, schedule another appointment.
  2. Know your features. Just because something is “trendy” doesn’ t mean it’s for you.  Blunt bangs don’t flatter everyone and neither does ombre.  Your height plays in a role in how your hair cut will look on you as well.
  3. What’s your face shape? Heart, oval, square, round, rectangular, etc.  We are all so different, and our hair styles should compliment our unique looks.

    Get the Right Look for you at Flaunt Salon!

Flaunt Salon Denver is located in the heart of downtown Denver, keeping Denverites cool and funky with the latest hair trendswaxingnail services, and more.  If you’re in a hurry before an important meeting or an outing with friends, stop by our glam and go bar for a quick fix-up.  Need some unique gift ideas this season?  We have gift certificates for facials, the blowout bar, and a mini glamour package.



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