How to Prepare Your Child for a Haircut

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Has your child’s hair gotten a little out of hand?  Yes, you may have a sentimental attachment to it, but don’t let that get in the way of the world being able to see your son or daughter’s beautiful face.  Oftentimes we, as parents, are so hesitant to cut our child’s hair.  Then, after the fact, they look so cute and cleaned-up that we wonder why we waited so long.  At Flaunt Salon, we do haircuts for children, starting at just $15.  Book your appointment today!

So, now that you have bitten the bullet, so to speak, what’s next?  Well, take our advice and do a little thinking ahead to make the day of your appointment a success.

5 Tips for Preparing your Child for a Haircutchildren

  1. Visit the salon ahead of time. You can arrive early or stop by a few days before.  That way, they can get a little more comfortable with the atmosphere before the big day.
  2. Let the stylist run the show. For whatever reason, little ones usually are more compliant when someone else is telling them what to do, how to sit, etc.  Mom or Dad will get the all-out fit when they ask them to do something.
  3. Bribe. Shameless, we know.  But, oftentimes, bribes are very helpful. You know your child.  Whether it be a video game, a lollipop, or a trip to the park, they will be motivated to comply.
  4. Distract. Bring along an ipad with a game they haven’t played or a video they haven’t seen.
  5. Be consistent. This is a great parenting tip, period.  But it applies to haircuts as well.  The more often they happen, the more accustomed your child will be with the process.

Bring Your Little One into Flaunt!

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