Hair Cuts Denver: It’s All About the Trim

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Need a Hip Salon in Downtown Denver?

Do you find yourself sitting in a work meeting twirling your hair around your finger only to look closely and be horrified at all your split ends?  This can induce a sort of panic—get me to the salon NOW!  My hair looks so fried!  Well, there’s no need to panic.  However, you should take a moment of this rare moment of clarity and do something about those nasty ends!  At Flaunt Salon in Denver, we want the best for you and your hair!  Schedule an appointment for a trim or style with one of our experienced stylists today!

Need a trim?How Often Should I Trim My Hair?

Glad you asked.  That depends.  That depends primarily on the overall health of your hair.  If you use heat-styling sparingly and you use high quality products, your hair is probably on the healthier side.  If this is you, you may be able to go up to 8 weeks between trims.

Length of hair also plays into this decision.  If your hair is above your shoulders, you probably want to get a trim every 4-6 weeks—in large part to keep you style looking the way it was meant to look.  The key is to get a trim before you get a split end that travels up the hair shaft and requires you to sacrifice even more length.

If you do use a lot of chemicals on your hair and heat styling, you’ll most likely need to come in more often—even every 4 weeks.  If this is you, you may be able to stave off that next trim a little longer by using a protective spray before heat styling.

Let Flaunt Salon in Denver Trim You Up Today!

You will love your Flaunt experience.  Situated in the heart of Denver’s hippest area, Flaunt Salon strives to make everyone look and feel their best.  Customer service is our priority!  Our specialists are all licensed and love to make you the best you. We promise individual attention and great value for all of our customers. We always recommend pre booking for your desired appointment date and time. However, walk-ins and same day call-ins are always welcome. For a unique gift idea, check out our gift certificates for all services we provide.




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