Gray Hair: What NOT to Do

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This week we’re talking about gray hair. Does it represent wisdom or stress? Is it something to embrace or cover up? At Flaunt Salon in downtown Denver, we make it our business to help you look and feel your best about how you look. Sometimes when your first gray hairs pop up, you may feel a little temptation to panic or get down about growing old. Don’t despair. Our experienced stylists at Flaunt Salon can help you determine the best look for you! Schedule your appointment today.

What NOT to do with Gray Hair

 What NOT to do with Gray Hair

  1. Pluck. This will do nothing except damage your hair follicle. If there is a gray hair in a conspicuous spot that you simply HAVE to get rid of, its best to very carefully cut it.
  2. Color without researching. Coloring gray hair is a different process than coloring other colors of hair. The chemical reaction is different. Ask these questions: What are my options? What maintenance should I expect? What can I do at home to make the color last longer?
  3. Color at home. This is never a good idea, period. Let us clarify: this is never a good idea. Ever. Trust us.
  4. Neglect moisture. Gray hair needs a lot of TLC. Take the time to do some deep conditioning treatments, both at home and at the salon.

 Gray Hair Has Nothing On You!

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