Daily habits that damage your hair

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You might look for tips and advice on how to make your hair healthier, how to make it grow faster or how to moisturize it the best way possible. But people don’t worry about the bad things they’re doing that damage their hair.

You might be surprised of things you do in your regular life that can directly affect your hair. In the end, it all comes down to taking good care of yourself so that it shows in your hair, your skin, your nails. Let’s take a look at some commonly practiced bad habits.

  1. Bad diet, skipping meals. As we had shared in our previous post (Tricks to make your hair grow faster) eating habits determine your hair’s state. What you eat, is what you are. Not including vitamin rich foods, eating too much junk food and skipping meals, especially breakfast, contribute to low levels of nutrients in your body. Your body then decides that hair is a non-essential part of you so it takes the worst beating.
  2. Over-drying, over-straightening. The overuse of heat-styling tools can lead to having a vulnerable hair, as damage is accumulated leading to hair breakage. Extreme high temperatures do the worst damage, split ends and thin weak hair are the result.
  3. Too much incorrect brushing. Again, the idea is to be balanced and not to go to the extremes. Too much brushing causes too much friction for the hair to handle. Also, brushing your hair top-to-bottom can lead to ungentle hair treating. When you brush your hair starting from the roots, you brush the knots into each other and tighten them. Instead, start from the bottom and then work your way up.
  4. Tight hairdos/ponytails. Tight buns, braids, clips and using them on a daily basis can cause serious breakage which causes flyaways and frizz. Hair is fragile and having tension added to it throughout the day can affect the hair follicles, creating vulnerable hair.how to style your hair

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