Avoid Pimple-Producing Hair Products?

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Do you breakout along your hair line, on your forehead, your shoulders and back?  Have you ever wondered if this may be caused by a hair product you’re using?  You may be on the right track.  At Flaunt Salon in downtown Denver, we want the best for both your hair and your skin.  That’s why we have some of the best, most natural products on the market.  We carry Pureology, which is 100% vegan and has zero sulfates.  For a luxurious wash and blow dry with our amazing products, book your appointment today!


Hair Products that Help You Avoid Breakouts

Experts agree that the products you use could very well be causing those unsightly breakouts.  Many products can clog your pores and then subsequently cause inflammation of your skin.  Some of the worst culprits are gels, pomades, and hairsprays (all which have a relatively high alcohol content).

What Ingredients should I avoid?


Oil-based products are the most likely culprits.  When used over time, they trap bacteria and make a great little garden for bacteria to grow—on your face!  If you have dry or damaged hair, you are probably using oil-based products to help moisturize your hair.


Both sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are found in many shampoos.  These act like traditional soaps and make a big bubbly lather.  While this can be so fun to wash with, it can cause skin irritation.

Flaunt Salon Carries Only the Best Hair Products!Flaunt Salon

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